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In Tune Kids + In Tune Parents = In Tune Families

Sapna uses her intuitive understanding of children, to connect with them, make them feel safe and to really listen to what they need, allowing her to empower them, and their parents, to be their best selves and thrive.


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Meet Your Parenting Coach

Sapna Sachdeva

Sapna is a highly distinguished, award-winning educator and child wellbeing facilitator. She has a vibrant passion for the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of children and parents. As a child wellbeing facilitator and in tune parenting coach, Sapna shares her passion in championing parents to embrace being in tune with their needs so they can meet the needs of their children and become the best parents they can be, whilst encouraging connection, trust, communication and sharing. Her goal is to help evolve parenting through supporting parents to increase confidence in their abilities to raise happy, healthy and thriving in tune kids and to live a more purposeful life with a greater sense of control over their parenting and family experience. All of which leads to optimal family wellbeing, health and happiness.

create clarity in your intentions as a parent

 explore ways to best support your child

delve into what is underlying your child’s behaviours and actions

connect to your child’s needs to see what's working and what isn't

provide you with strategies to support and guide your child

give you the tools to nurture deeper connections with your child

create a space of trust and love so your child feels safe to be themselves

explore your needs and how they align to, or impact the needs of your child

The In Tune Philosophy

In Tune Parents, In Tune Kids

The In Tune philosophy is used to guide and support you to evolve your parenting with the best advice on raising happy and connected kids and with strategies to become in tune parents, raise in tune kids and create in tune families.

The ‘In Tune’ philosophy is supported by the 5 pillars of Love, Trust, Connection, Presence and Intuition.

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Talking... with Sapna

Talking with Sapna is a channel for parents (and even teachers), where we discuss knowledge, strategies and tips on wellbeing and Positive Psychology topics to support you in guiding your children to flourish and be their best.


“Sapna helped me apply parenting knowledge so effortlessly. I enquired with Sapna and in one sentence she gave me the key to application. And now it is such an accessible parenting tool for me. Thank you for your ability to making parenting so simple and applicable.”

—  Krupa Bhatia, Parent


—  Name, Title

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